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Awareness + Engagement + Drive traffic to your site = Conversions

As a marketer and small business owner, I find it hard to understand all the hype around something new and shiny. I understand the current platforms I'm use to using because that is what I was used to. Yes, that's right, what I was used to. Now Social media is offering the opportunity to keep my clients in the conversations that are hyper relevant to intent customers looking products. Just because something is new doesn't mean it can't net you big results.

My journey of discovering other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, has made me invest in education of each one of the platforms in order to help my clients get results. We are all trying to make sense of, What is the right formula. Is it three posts to Facebook, one it instagram and a Youtube story today? Not to mention google my business, post, post, post to stay current with Google and what about Facebook pixels and remarking. It's enough to drive you CRAZY!!!!! Social media does work, traditional media and anything else that comes along, if you rememberer this formula.

Awareness + Engagement + Drive traffic to your site = Conversions

If you are struggling to understand all the new platforms. Drop me a question at:


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