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Part II of III on Programmatics buying checklist

stage 2


Aim:Agree on details to ensure Private Marketplace*will deliver ROI. Includes parties involved, inventory transparency and financial terms

List involved parties (and a contact person for each):

  • Platforms? (DSP, SSP, Ad Servers)

  • Data providers? (DMPs)

  • Vendors? (Verification services: view-ability, fraud, measurement)

  • Buyer? (Advertiser, agency, agency trading desk)

  • Seller? (Publisher, network)

  • Billing? (3rd party)

.Inventory transparency:

  • Level of transparency? (URL, domain, run of site/network)

  • O&O inventory?

  • 3rd party inventory?

  • Inventory attributes?

• Platform: Mobile, TV, PC, DOOH

• Format: Video, Display, Native, In-app

• Content Type: Video, Game, Music, Application, Text

Deal financial terms:

  • Budget/commitment level?

  • Fraud/view-ability guarantees?

  • Auction (bidding guidance) or unreserved fixed rate?

  • Fee structures? (penalties)

  • Terms of payment? (platform agreements)

Deal timing:

Flight dates? (e.g. always on or start/end dates)

Buyer response time? (inventory expiration)

Timelines: (SLAs)

• Data availability

• Creative approval Issues

As always, If you need help making sense of the process of programmatics buying contact us at Global Concepts Media Agency

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