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The Programmatic-Private market place checklist (Part 3 0f 3)


Aim: Fix any problems that arise once Private Marketplace* is live. Includes low impression volume, poor win rate and flighting/targeting

Issue with impression volume:

  • Is the Deal ID entered correctly?

  • Is the bid request being sent? • Does it have the right information?

  • Sent to right DSP

  • Sent in supported format?

  • Is the DSP responding to the request?

  • Is the impression being blocked by the SSP? (geo, data, user restrictions)

  • Check bid volume levels

  • Is advertiser blocked? (by publisher or SSP)

  • Has audience targeting changed?

Issues with win rate:

  • Appropriate bid rate? (vs competition) Bid above floor price? (with fees) Attribute filters in the exchange/SSP? (creative attributes, brand)

  • Frequency caps?

  • Geo limits?

  • Day-parting?

  • Creative and advertiser approved? Blocked by higher priority buyer? (e.g. direct or guaranteed)

  • 3rd Party Pixels approved?

  • Flighting, targeting, other issue: Pacing to budget?

  • Daily/weekly spend goals?

  • Reconfirm deal activation

  • Pre-bid targeting or data/audience layers?

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