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Part One-The Programmatic must have checklist!

The Programmatic —-Private market place Checklist in 3 parts (part 1 of 3)

Stage 1 CONSIDERATION Aim: To determine if a Private Marketplace* is the appropriate approach and will yield ROI. Compare buyer’s needs & target audience with publisher’s capabilities & audience.

Buyer’s needs:

Is this branding/DR?

What are the campaign KPIs?

What are the flight dates?

Billable currency (CPM, CPA, CPV)?

Vendor to verify billable currency?

Size of budget?

Target price?

Number of desired impressions?

Desired ad formats? (Display, video, native)

Auction or unreserved fixed rate?

Prioritized access or first look?

Audience size/deal volume: Buyer’s target audience?

Data sources targeted? (OBA, retargeting, demo)

Data vendors used?

Other targeting? (Geo, day-part, frequency cap)

Publisher properties targeted?

Publisher capabilities: Audience composition overlap?

Type of ad formats available in private vs direct or open?

Inventory source? (O&O, audience extension)

Ability to meet KPIs, timing and currency?

As always, if you need help to evaluate this opportunity for your business, please reach out. Global Concepts Media Agency

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